Who likes to rock the potty ?

Well, it’s finally happened, Lukey is now officially potty trained. It turns out that this process is very simple and in my opinion involves you completely leaving it up to the child to make the decision. All you need to do is go out and buy about 20 pairs of underwear and remove pullups/diapers as an option. Diapers and pullups are made with comfort in mind, and therefore Luke was basically prety much ok with sitting in a wet diaper. But… once the the comfort was gone and the pee and ran down his leg, he had to make some decisions pretty quickly. He had a couple accidents, but 3 days later and he’s a potty machine and proud of it.

 The rewards and such are cool and not a bad thing. But a little bit of reality is really what gets the job done. It’s not about giving them reasons to want to get potty trained, it’s about letting them learn that they don’t want to have piss running down their legs.

 He still sleeps in a pullup, but he wants underwear as soon as he wakes up. I think he’s discovered a new level of comfort in not walking around in a wet diaper. The underwear is also less restrictive and he probably feels alot lighter on his feet now.

 Next is #2 — I guess that’s why they call it #2, since it’s second on the potty training agenda.  For some reason he really doesn’t want to poop on the potty.  I’m not really sure why he prefers going into the closet to “do business”. We call the closet his office. When he disappears to his office, we know he’s “doing business”.

 So… forget all the messing around to potty train your kid, just remove diapers from the picture and let them make the decision. From a parents standpoint, it’s a pain to have to clean up the accidents for a day or two. But once the diapers are done with, it’s like you just got a part time job since you won’t be buying diapers anymore.


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