What can be learned from 82 minutes in jail ?

Nicole Richie  So…. The jails are overcrowded and that is why Nicole Richie was let out after 82 minutes of jail time ? So, why isn’t anyone describing the formula for deciding who gets “out” next ? I have to imagine that there are others in jail that have been in there for a week or two or only have a few days or weeks left on their sentence. Why weren’t they released before Nicole Richie ?

I have to at least give Paris Hilton props for doing the time, and I would have to imagine based on what we’ve seen so far— she’s learned her lesson. Isn’t that the point of it all ? That you get consequences that are effective enough to make you not do it again ?

This is a definite case of someone being given favoritism by the system. The big difference here is that people didn’t make as big of a stink about it as they did with Paris Hilton — the more popular of the two.

I understand that she’s pregnant and that could weigh into the decision, but I’m sure there are a few pregnant women in that jail who have been longer than she was. Did Nicole learn her lesson ? Probably not. You really can’t learn much from 82 minutes in jail other than there are a bunch of people with less money than you in there, and that you have some really great lawyers.

If she was smart, she’d do a book about those 82 minutes and show us how putting her in jail for 82 minutes makes her money.


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