How would you survive a Zombie outbreak ?

I came across this site last night, Zombie Preparedness Initiative,  and it has many good ideas about how to survive should a Zombie outbreak occur.  It’s really a good exercise in preparing yourself and make mental decisions now so that when/if this occurs you aren’t just running around making decisions on the fly. If you think about it, nobody in any of these zombie movies ever has a well thought out plan. That is why they pretty much never survive.  A web site like this gives you a chance to formulate plans that fit your environment and such.

You really have to think about the short term and the long term plans. In most movies I’ve seen, just surviving the first night itself is pretty key in surviving at all. So you need a solid short term plan to get you through the night. I’d say after the first night, you really have to be thinking about finding a posse to roll with as there is strength in numbers.

The forums have a wealth of information and potential plans that could suit your situation. You really don’t think about how much there is to consider, and there is alot to consider, especially if you have family such as a wife and children that you need to protect.  So, check the site out, and get ready for the unlikely just in case.


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