Hot Teacher Video – Make the most of those 15 minutes!


Maybe it’s just me, but this whole debacle where the hot teacher gets videotaped and put on YouTube seems kind of ridiculous. Why doesn’t she just embrace the moment and make some money. Get an agent, and you are probably on tour with Van Halen in no time. You don’t think they aren’t loving this ???

You always hear people talking about teachers not making enough money, here’s her golden ticket. I’m guessing that she can’t be too embarrassed by this whole thing, cause she’s on TV bringing attention to it. Going out there and talking about it like this, just makes it a bigger spectacle. Everyone wants to see the video now. It’s simple… make a deal for the rights to the video and start working on being financially secure. The clock is ticking, your 15 minutes are almost up.


3 Responses to Hot Teacher Video – Make the most of those 15 minutes!

  1. jai says:

    thats a fucken ridiculous opinion dumbass

  2. slimslaby says:

    Unfortunately her 15 minutes are long over, and I’m the only one who’ll probably read your post… So I figured I’d reply, just to give the illusion that you didn’t really waste your time by posting.

    Thank you for stopping by… please drive thru.

  3. dan says:

    stupid ass thought,… i spent two min to read
    dumb ass blond

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