Beautiful Katamari Demo – Why can’t I stop playing ?


A few years back I picked up Katamari Damacy on the Playstation 2 and became completely addicted to the game.  A year or so later when selling some of my games on ebay, I sold it for some reason that I really can’t comprehend now.  I guess I figured I’d never play it again.

Fast forward a few years and I noticed a downloadable demo for Beautiful Katamari available on my Xbox 360. It’s one friggin level, but somehow I’ve played it more in the past week than any of my Xbox 360 games. I’m once again hooked on this game, and I actually went out last night to blockbuster and gamestop hoping to find a copy of the PS2 game to rent or buy… no luck.

 The Gamestop manager said that based on his computer there is a copy available in Palatine, about 20 minutes away. So I have a feeling I’ll be in Palatine today. If you have a Xbox 360, don’t download that demo unless you can wait until October 15th when it releases. I am having Katamari dreams.


7 Responses to Beautiful Katamari Demo – Why can’t I stop playing ?



  2. poopinurshoes says:

    now why the hell do you need to use profanity in a situation like this…if you have some constructive critisism lets hear it, but none of this childish play


    f*ck you dicklitiityyty, ya i made that up so suck on it yinggggey yanger bib bo gaber!!


    profanity? whats that even mean u geek!

  5. poopinurshoes says:

    playstastion sucks the shit……i give you that…en eye gee gee are

  6. poopinurshoes says:

    it means swears dumbass

  7. slimslaby says:

    It’s nice to know that I’m reaching the younger crowd with my dribble…

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