Larry Craig – Which is more important ?

larry craig 

Integrity 0r Sexual Orientation ?

What I am finding most disturbing about the whole Larry Craig deal is that now it’s become about Larry Craig attempting to clear his name of being gay. All the while, in my opinion, his integrity is what is getting crucified. 

 I believe he’s lying about the situation because for one reason :

 He said he was reaching down to pick up a piece of toilet paper behind the toilet. People don’t pick up anything behind a public toilet, and especially not toilet paper – even if they were the ones that accidentally dropped it. There is no reason to make up a lie like that, unless  you felt the need to have a reason to be putting your hands down there — other than for the suspected reason.  

The guy is out and out lying.  Of course it’s completely obvious that now the real damage control is about his family. He’s going to fight this thing to appease his family. If he didn’t, his family just might believe that he was there for exactly the reason everyone believes he was there for.  I am of the belief that he’s more concerned about his family right now, than his political career. Nothing wrong with that, but all the more reason to come clean to his family now… Cause if there is still dirt out there somewhere (and you know people are looking hard now…) His family is going to realize that they’ve been personally lied to at point blank. That’s not going to do a whole lot for them in the area of trust.

I personally don’t care whether he is gay or not, but I am bothered by the fact that he’ll go to such lengths to hide the truth. Is that the guy you want to elect to office ? I got the same feeling about Bill Clinton when the Monica Lewinsky debacle dropped.


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