Bears – Is the Grossman charade over yet ?

 I know it’s just the first game of the season, and the first game is not always the best indicator of what’s going to happen in a season. But… I think I have seen enough of Grossman to know that he’s mediocre at best. He’s very prone to fumbling the ball and in many cases can’t get off a decent pass unless he’s completely unpressured. It’s a rarity to see him get off a good pass when he’s under any kind of pressure. That’s not the kind of QB that’s going to win us a superbowl.

 I think that Rex Grossman has talent, and can play in the NFL. I just don’t think at this point in his he’s a guy who’s going to lead a team to win a Superbowl. So do we tolerate Grossman’s mediocrity/inconsistency for another year or make the decision that we have potential to win a Super Bowl this year with a more qualified QB — Griese. 

With the devastating injuries in the first game of the season, the QB position becomes even more important now.

  Brian Griese please. Need I say more ?


8 Responses to Bears – Is the Grossman charade over yet ?

  1. Tim Wheatley says:

    I think he’s a decent player. The loss to the Chargers was from the wrong plays, not the wrong player. They need to get the ball off the ground more, the running game doesn’t always work!

  2. slimslaby says:

    I won’t disagree with the bad playcalling being a Bears issue for the past few years. But my critique is based on how Grossman performs under pressure – regardless of playcall. Choose any play and put Rex under pressure and he’s probably going to make a mistake or throw an inaccurate pass. That’s my opinion, and I think it’s pretty well supported by his play on the field.

    I’d also say he’s a decent player, but not one that I’d like to be trying to win a Super Bowl with. I’d choose Griese in a heartbeat. Rex is another example of a team playing a player because they are invested in him, rather than evaluating purely on skills and performance. What’s the shame in Grossman sitting on the bench a while and watching Griese — A pro bowl caliber QB.

  3. Tim Wheatley says:

    You know, I can’t find fault in anything you say. Perhaps that’s the problem?

    There’s no fault to what Lovie says either – in my eyes.

    What a puzzler. 😉

  4. slimslaby says:

    Today’s game against KC was another puzzler huh ?

    We won, so I am completely happy with the outcome. But it really felt like we gave them far too many chances to win that game. Luckily our defense came up big in some key situations and pretty much negated the turnovers.

    Our first touchdown drive was probably the best playcalling of the season as we ran a little outside, threw some quick slants,ran some inside, and called a play action for the TD throw to St. Clair. Everything was quick high percentage plays. Unfortunately we never really replicated that drive again.

    I’m not sure how Lovie feels about the game, but I’d say that KC seems like a 7-9 type team, and we really struggled beating them. Not sure where that puts us right now.

  5. Tim Wheatley says:

    The longer it goes on, the more the people who support Rex will start to turn… Kansas are meant to have a real good defense and perhaps that can count for something… But we do seem to have a poor offense. We’re getting carried by the special teams (reminds me of last season!)

  6. slimslaby says:

    I wouldn’t mind seeing more plays designed around getting Hester the ball. We ran a number of quick slants, and that would seem to be a great route to get him the ball on the run.

    I was also hoping that they’d try him in a reverse play. You’d force other teams to keep that in the back of their mind as something to be aware of.

    I don’t think he’s caught a pass this season as of yet. That’s kind of puzzling to me. We got St. Clair the ball, but we can’t get it to Hester ?

  7. Tim Wheatley says:

    Yeah. You know what I think? I think he’s such a powerful weapon on special teams, they dont want him getting pounded on offense and out for the season…

  8. slimslaby says:

    I think that’s possible. Punt/kick returns for a TD can really change the momentum of a game very quickly. But, I’m sure he’s pushing for more playing time. I guess I’m just greedy that way. Deion Sanders being his idol, I’m sure he’s going to be pushing hard for more opportunities to shine.

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