Stumble! is A.D.D. crack

I’m sure that so many of you with ADD, like myself, have already discovered this if you have a “Stumble!” button on your browser… Stumble! is the purest form of crack for a person with ADD. In the past I have been the type to just go to my favorite sites, looking for something of interest and maybe doing a Google search with some keywords that interest me.

After getting my “Stumble!” button, the way that I browse the web has completely changed. I now pretty much press that button and am blessed with something completely random and in most cases something that is good for a moment or two of entertainment. If not… I hit that button again and instantly I am on to the next random page. I still browse my favorite sites, but I find myself spending far more time stumbling.

When I first started stumbling, they gave me a list of areas of interest for me to select what I wanted to stumble through. Luckily I had just about enough OCD to click on everything available as to be sure I would not miss anything I might want to be aware of. I am so glad that I did that because if you don’t do that, you really are cutting down on the randomness that makes Stumble! so enjoyable. I really do want to be exposed to things that I might not think that I’d ever be interested in, because… I’m finding now that sometimes I am.

In my best estimation, the Stumble! button is a form of primitive time travel.

In the words of my son’s current favorite childrens show – Yo Gobba Gobba — “Try it… You’ll like it…”

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