Everyone have enough of Rex yet ?

Sorry… just had to post that picture of Rex doing what he does best.

Before the Kansas City game, I had a heated discussion with one of my friends about Rex Grossman. I pretty much stated that I believe that although he has sufficient physical talent to be in the NFL, I didn’t believe that mentally he was performing at a level that could win us a Super Bowl. I even compared him to Mike Tomczack of Bears teams past, who was seeing a shrink to deal with being in the NFL.

Fast forward to after this last game against the Cowboys and I’m sure that there are alot more Bear fans ready to give Grossman the boot. I’m tired of hearing about how well he did early in the season last year. Does everyone forget that the scouting report on the Bears at that point was — stop the run and the Bears offense is incapable of scoring. Well… Doesn’t anyone remember teams designing game plans based on that line of thinking ? Stacking the line with 8 men in the box ? Guess what ? That makes it alot easier to pass and since you have 8 players defending against the run, you end up with 4 players defending against the pass. So does anyone else think it’s possible that a gameplan like that might make it easier for someone to be successful passing the ball ?

Of course that gameplan changed about midseason and it became we need to get after Grossman as he’s looking like a MVP Quarterback. Suddenly, Grossman’s weakness — pressure — is revealed. Now you got a guy who managed to get a 0 QB rating in one game, and became pretty much useless.

What made that portion of the season even more annoying is that everyone, including Lovie, were waiting for that MVP guy to return, and pretty much made passing our main focus instead of running. In the Championship game, Thomas Jones ran for like 120+ yards and everyone was talking about Rex Grossman’s 1 drive for a TD. Then… in the Super Bowl with horrible conditions Lovie decides to “pass” against the #2 pass defense, instead of “running” against the worst run defense in the league. I still don’t understand it, and apparently no one can explain that to me, even to this day. Was it ironic that the Colts “ran” the ball instead of passing ?

Ok.. I’m done with that rant. But I think everyone is getting closer to being on the same page now, and my prediction of Griese being the starter withing 6 games is well on track.

Even Madden and Michaels last night were talking about “long term”, which to me is ridiculous. We don’t have to abandon long term goals. Is it possible that what Rex needed all along is to sit on the bench and watch how someone like Brian Griese prepares and plays the game ? I mean, he was a Pro Bowl QB.. no ? What is the shame in that ? Now Griese is 2 years older, and probably rusty… Grossman is a complete head case… and we are 1-2.

Thanks Lovie.


6 Responses to Everyone have enough of Rex yet ?

  1. marshallyard says:

    Originally I pushed for the kid, but I agree with you with every ounce of corona that courses through my veins! I think it’s time, there is no objection here to let the arm rest, let the ego take a step down and sit back and learn from someone! Bench him, and let’s get back to football, instead of fumbles!

    LOVED the picture, and I am glad you posted it, the football should be treated like a lady, but instead, he just keeps throwing her curbs!

  2. sportscouch says:

    Dear frustrated Bears fan,

    Got to start off by saying love the picture, man. Rex Grossman taking it doggy from a big, black guy is money.

    No doubt Griese will be rusty, but with Grossman at the helm, is there anywhere to go but up? I don’t assume they expect much from Griese either – don’t turn the ball over, play conservative ball and get the offense moving somewhat. Well, this is assuming that Lovie does decide to go with Griese next Sunday. I’m a diehard Cowboys fan so I’m sorry that I really enjoyed the Sunday night showdown. It’s like fate, really, how we met. But anyway, best of luck to your team this season, and thanks for the post! Keep hangin’ with the SC!


  3. slimslaby says:

    Cowboys are the real deal. Romo looked great and adjusted well to what was going on defensively. I really feel that the key to the game was good adjustments by the Cowboys going into the second half, and the fact that the Bears defense was tired from being on the field so long.

    All 3 Bear games have shown a distinct fatigue letdown from the defense in the 3rd/4th quarters. Running the ball more and not taking so many chances — Ball Control football is the solution.

    Grossman can still go down. His worst game is a 0QB rating, he hasn’t broken out one of those yet this year. We are at his plateau right now. What a view…

  4. Bob Swerski says:

    nice article and nice picture 😉 In response, you do have to put alot of blame on Lovie Smith, but up til this point Grossman has been winning ball games (he did lead us to the Superbowl). Now that the Bears have been losing under Rex Grossman, there is simply no way to justify starting a quarterback with such abysmal numbers and I feel that Lovie knows this. I personally would have liked to see the Bears go aggressively after Jeff Garcia in the offseason, but that ship has sailed. Time to see what Griese can do

  5. slimslaby says:

    I’m tired of hearing people say “Rex has been winning ball games”.

    Do you really believe that ? Please take a look at the statistics last year in terms of defense and special teams ie Devin Hester.

    Rex Grossman had a decent first half of the season when everyone thought that stopping the run was the way to beat the Bears. That opened the door for Rex to pass effectively.

    Check out Rex’s stats the second half of the season and I think you’ll see that he was not leading, but in fact going along for the ride. There are tons of QB’s that could have taken that ride, including Kyle Orton or Brian Griese.

    A good analogy would be — In baseball if a pitcher gives up 10 runs, but his team scores 12.. did he really lead them to victory ??? That’s called being fortunate.

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