Heroes Season 2 – feels like leftovers


I am hoping that the lack of action in this first episode is just the standard setting the table for the season to come. It’s somewhat understandable, but I think they could have thrown in a bit more to action to wet our appetites.

 I’ve already seen Claire heal her wounds… I’ve seen the one dude hear other people’s thoughts… I’ve seen Peter use his telekenesis… I’ve seen Peter and Nathan fly… I’ve seen Hiro travel through time… ho-hum… nothing happened that was significant, it was just a rehashing of “we have powers”.

Hiro’s father gets tossed from a roof and plummets to his bloody death. But it was really quite an underwhelming scene. Whoever the dude was basically just tackled him and drug him off the building. So he either flies or climbs on buildings or something like that. But underwhelming to say the least.

 Maya seems to be the new girl on the show with some kind of powers to kill. Based on the blood coming from everyone’s eyes, ears etc.. I’m gonna say she’s either got microwave powers or some kind of high frequency sound waves that can kill people. Nobody in the vicinity of her survived. So…. that’s why they conveniently made sure the brother got tossed from the vehicle, beaten, and left behind.

 Peter is shown to be in a trailer car in some trainyard, cuffed to the wall. Apparently he doesn’t know who he is, so I’m sure that storyline will be about him figuring out who he is. How does he get there ? I’m sure we’ll find out next episode.

But I’m not too excited about this season at the moment. Claire meets some kid at school who we find out can fly…. I smell some superhero romance coming our way. 

Last season had so many layers of learning about people’s powers and how everything fit together. Right now it feels like they are trying to set that table again, but unfortunately it’s leftovers.


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