Did Lovie cost us a Super Bowl ?



Let me put this question in perspective. Grossman has a dismal first 3 games fo the season, and hasn’t looked good since the first part of last season. My question has been since mid season last year – Why is Griese on the bench ?

Fast forward to games 4 & 5 of this season, and we get a glimpse of what could have been. Griese’s game 4 was not the picture of consistency, but it did show improvements over Rex in my opinion. Our offense actually held a small margin in time of possession, and not keeping our defense on the field. Someone should mention the 102 penalty yards we racked up that didn’t exactly help us.

Game 5, I see something that I have to struggle to think if I have seen Grossman do well — make decisions under pressure or with the game on the line. Griese was in a position last night to make something happen and he did it beautifully. I am going to say that I don’t think Clark was not the primary receiver in the game winning touchdown. Griese made the right decision with the game on the line. Does anyone notice how Griese’s play is motivating this team ?

This is seemingly the perfect type of offense for Griese. Grossman much of last year was a gunslinger. His penchant for going deep was what made him so vulnerable to mistakes. Our playcalling – passing first, running maybe – also gave him the oppurtunity to cost us games.

So… as Griese rode the bench all of last year. Is it possible that we had a potential Super Bowl winning QB on the bench ?

One game is not enough to know. But it does make me think about if Lovie might have stuck with Grossman long enough to cost us a Super Bowl. It also makes me think that maybe our gameplans were meant to suit Grossman, not the strengths of our team – running, defense, and Ball Control Football.

Who is ultimately responsible for choosing the best QB to suit the team ?

Who is ultimately responsible for establishing gameplans that suit the team ?

Who is ultimately responsible for evaluating these things and making hard decisions ?

Lovie Smith in the case of the Bears. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying Lovie is a horrible coach. I’m just saying that there is something here for Lovie to learn from, something that could win us a Super Bowl.

It really sucks to think that we might have won a Super Bowl last year, had the decision to go to the more experienced Griese happened last year. In my opinion, that is exactly what happened. We not only played the less experienced QB, but we also featured him – our weakness. That’s not how you win Super Bowls.


2 Responses to Did Lovie cost us a Super Bowl ?

  1. You might have a point here. I like Lovie, but I really don’t think he’s ever been tested in game situations. He’s made some strange, strange decisions; remember the playoff game against Seattle, when he called timeout with like 3 seconds, just to allow the Seahawks a chance to throw a hail mary? I admit; I was a Rex backer, but its obvious Griese, when playing smartly, is a better fit for this team.

    Maybe the only reason I like Lovie is because of the previous two coaches this team had.

  2. slimslaby says:

    Don’t get me wrong. I like Lovie, and you don’t have this kind of success without doing something right. But Super Bowl coaches always have that little bit of extra intuition. They are skilled at making tough decisions. A Bill Parcells probably benches Grossman 3 games away from the playoffs last year for a few reasons —

    Challenge Grossman
    Test Griese
    Send a message to everyone on the team – what you do on the field is important.

    Confidence in a QB doesn’t come from a coach ordaining a QB. The QB earns that confidence from his teammates. You’ll rarely ever hear a player say he doesn’t have confidence in their QB, but it’s often apparent through the way they play the game.

    I’ll also say that although I didn’t agree with some of the playcalling in the Green Bay game, it was far better than in the past. They spread the ball around much more than in past weeks, and I believe that is partially a result of Griese being a more experienced QB and able to go through his progressions more effectively than Grossman.

    It also seems that they made a committment to getting Olsen and Hester a little more involved. Only good can come of that.

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