Heroes Season 2 – Ho-hum.


I’m really growing quite bored with this series, and although the reintroduction of Sylar should help the show, it just might not be enough.

Episode 2 was pretty much as boring as the first episode of season 2. It really didn’t reveal much, and really didn’t add anything really intriguing and new.

Peter can’t remember who he is, and a portion of the episode is setting the stage for him having to go along with his captors plan to get the “box” that contains his identity. If he had any smarts, he’d wait till the guy stepped away from the fireplace and then knock him over with his powers. But instead, he’s a lame enough super hero, that he’ll accept the deal.

Hiro’s plotline is pretty lackluster right now as well. He’s now posing as his childhood idol to try and make history turn out right. We all see Hiro’s love life heating up in the near future. ho hum….

Claire and her family…. ho hum. Lets lay low and not get discovered. Of course the flying peeping tom kid, that is undoubtedly her new love interest, discovers Claire chopping off her finger and regrowing a new one. ho-hum…

The good doctor has located the haitian dude and given him the vaccine. He’s back at Claire’s fathers side… ho-hum

Now we have this new Maya girl who has some dark power that it seems only her brother can control. Ho-hum..

I’m thinking this next episode might be my last if Sylar doesn’t inject some kind of excitement into the show.

I think for a show like this to succeed you really need to have new powers along with new interesting ways of utilizing existing powers. Right now, I don’t feel like I’m seeing anything really new or innovative from the series. I’d say it’s bordering on boring right now.



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