Sarah Palin ? Tina Fey ? Katie Couric ? SNL ? Anyone care about solutions ?

I’m amazed at the amount of quality entertainment that is being produced by the upcoming election. I am sure that Tina Fey is anti-Palin, but should McCain get into office her earning potential goes through the roof for at least 4 years. SNL would definitely have her on the speed-dial.

I am just amazed at the amount of coverage she is getting, instead of actual issues getting covered. Seems like so much of these campaigns are about telling us what the other candidates don’t know as opposed to what they are going to do.

I get it. Palin isn’t as qualified as you would want. But, right now I am wondering who has a solution to our nation’s current issues. I haven’t heard any specific solutions. Instead everyone seems to be dissing the others and pointing out inconsistencies in their statements. Both sides are trying to convince us their the right choice to solve our current crisis, but haven’t told us how and why it’s going to work.

I would think that some quality solutions being mentioned would make the choice obvious for Americans… no ? Our goverment is packed with underqualified and unproductive politicians. We have shows on TV that focus on just politics and deal out quality entertainment on a nightly basis – based on people running our country.

So instead of talking about what the others don’t know. Somebody start helping us understand what you know that is some worth to our country at the moment.  Thank you….

If not.. maybe 4 years of Tina Fey making us laugh is worth the risk of McCain dropping dead.


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