Biggification – New Flash Game

May 27, 2007

He’s my latest game – Biggification, I literally made it in less than a day! It’s very simple to play, and there is a bit of strategy to getting really high scores.

You need to collect orbs before they expand and hit each other with their biggified size. The smaller the orb is when you collect it, the more points you’ll be awarded. You can also multiply those points by collecting orbs of the same color consecutively. (That is the key to huge scores)

It’s hosted on Newgrounds, click on the pic and click “Play This Game” to check it out.

If you have a myspace page or a website that you’d like to have the game on, let me know… I can give you a code snippet to get it up and running for you. Also, I can put your own pictures in for a background.

Match Em Up Deluxe – Brain Age type game

May 22, 2007

MatchEmUp Deluxe

Match Em Up Deluxe is all about clicking on a letter and then clicking on a number that corresponds to it’s order in the alphabet. The game is inspired by Brain Age. I add some visual handicaps along the way to make it a little tougher. Click on the pic above to play.

Orbital – Addicting Flash Game

May 22, 2007


 Orbital is pretty simple to play,  you collect orbs that match the color of your orb. When you collect them all, you evolve to the next color. There are 7 levels, and the quicker you work, the more points you get. Click on the picture to get to the game.

Orisinal – Casual Flash Games

January 14, 2007

 I found a great site called Orisinal  that has a bunch of casual flash games. The artwork, music, and gameplay is excellent. If you enjoy playing flash games, you will spend alot of time here. I haven’t even played all of the games yet.  Most of the games are mouse only, so I’m sure you could probably play them on your Wii.


January 6, 2007

This is a game I made for a Halloween Game contest on Armorgames and Newgrounds. It was my first and only game that I used clay to make all the graphics. It’s kind of slow paced, I wish I had more time to work on it before the contest. I found out about it about a week before the deadline.



Global Defense

January 5, 2007

Global Defense is a game I made a few months ago, and actually made daily 3rd place on Newgrounds.

I wish I could just put it in this window, but WordPress doesn’t allow you to post flash for some reason. So here’s the link :

Global Defense


Global Defense