James Woods claims O.J. wanted threesome with him ?

September 22, 2007

This might be one of the oddest things I have heard in quite a while. James Woods made an appearance on the Late Late Show and claimed that Simpson’s wife at the time, Nicole Brown Simpson, invited him up to their hotel room for a “night-cap” <wink><wink> with her and O.J.

He also noted that after he declined that she sent him a letter at a later date saying “Dear Jimmy, O.J. is out of town, maybe you would like to get together.” Of course it was probably Nicole that wanted to make the threesome happen, but it seems to indicate that O.J. was game. I don’t think Nicole makes the offer without clearance.

I guess the odd thing to me, is why do you decide to bring this kind of thing to light ? (even odder without a book deal) And if you decide to do so, why not wait until O.J. is in prison ? “If he did it”, there’s a chance (albeit slight) he might do you. You can never be too careful with your life. Somehow I think that bringing to question the sexual orientation of a guy like O.J. and then mentioning that his wife wanted to sleep with you is pretty inflammatory to the Juice.

We are talking about a man who is holding up people at gunpoint over some sports memorabilia right ? We are talking about a guy who is believed to have butchered his wife and possible love interest of his wife…

James Wood must really feel he needs people to take notice of himself to make comments like this, true or not. I’m still not clear what his motive is for divulging something like that. It’s entertaining to hear about, but most would probably keep that in their back pocket.

Kanye West – More of the same

September 11, 2007

Kanye What would a music award show be without Kanye complaining about not winning an award ? He also made comments that he felt Britney had been exploited by the show, and that made him feel bad.  Of course the only reason that he cares about Britney’s whole debacle is because she got to open the show and not him. The fact that she bombed just highlights to him that they made the wrong choice in a show opening act. Any choice but him, would be a wrong choice of course.  I really find it hard to believe that Kanye thinks about anyone else, except in terms of how it affects his life/career.

 Of course this planet is Kanye’s domain and we all just happen to be living here and blessed to be in his presence.  Should his career ever take a nose dive, that is the reality show that I want to see. There probably couldn’t be any better entertainment than him dealing with a failing career. 

I’m glad that he lost though, cause I don’t think the world is ready for Kanye winning. He handles defeat with such class and style, that I would have to imagine that he’s a far worse winner than he is a bad loser. I’m sure that speech would begin with him telling everyone that they made the right choice and that he’d forgive them for not seeing the light sooner.

Britney VMA disaster – This is your brain on drugs…

September 11, 2007

    I’ll have to admit feeling a bit bad for her, as she’s a person regardless of how ridiculous her performace was. But, I think this situation here can become here wake-up call and be the catalyst for her changing her lifestyle… or not.

 I think it’s probably crystal clear to her now that it was a big mistake to try and do this performance in her current state – mentally and physically.

 For the common person often there is this thing that happens when you get married and have kids. The reality of responsibility sets in. You realize that you are the sole provider for your family and suddenly your life becomes about making their lives better. So things like partying all night, drinking, drugs, and numerous other behaviors can become a threat to your ability to provide a healthy environment for your family.

In Britney’s case, she’s got a boatload of cash, so she really doesn’t have to maintain a consistent job and provide. That cash also allows her to have other people watch her children when it’s inconvenient for her to do so – like when she wants to go party. 

Britney basically needs a reason to change her behavior.  Maybe the VMA’s gave her a shot of reality that she needs — she isn’t the Britney of years past. That doesn’t mean she’s washed up, it just means that she needs to evolve into a responsible adult.  It’s her personal life that is destroying her professional life. She seems to be placing a high value on revitalizing her career, and seemingly prioritizing it higher than family and her own health.

Britney… Get off drugs and alchohol and concentrate on your family. When you get healthy, you are going to be happier with yourself and that’s going to open up creativity that you just can’t even connect with right now. No one knows better than you how much work it took to build your career, and drugs and alchohol weren’t a part of the formula. Remove them from the picture and work on the things in your life that are creating your need to escape via those vices.

What can be learned from 82 minutes in jail ?

August 25, 2007

Nicole Richie  So…. The jails are overcrowded and that is why Nicole Richie was let out after 82 minutes of jail time ? So, why isn’t anyone describing the formula for deciding who gets “out” next ? I have to imagine that there are others in jail that have been in there for a week or two or only have a few days or weeks left on their sentence. Why weren’t they released before Nicole Richie ?

I have to at least give Paris Hilton props for doing the time, and I would have to imagine based on what we’ve seen so far— she’s learned her lesson. Isn’t that the point of it all ? That you get consequences that are effective enough to make you not do it again ?

This is a definite case of someone being given favoritism by the system. The big difference here is that people didn’t make as big of a stink about it as they did with Paris Hilton — the more popular of the two.

I understand that she’s pregnant and that could weigh into the decision, but I’m sure there are a few pregnant women in that jail who have been longer than she was. Did Nicole learn her lesson ? Probably not. You really can’t learn much from 82 minutes in jail other than there are a bunch of people with less money than you in there, and that you have some really great lawyers.

If she was smart, she’d do a book about those 82 minutes and show us how putting her in jail for 82 minutes makes her money.

Perez Hilton – to replace Rosie on The View ?

May 27, 2007

I don’t think I’ve heard such a brilliant idea in a long time. Who better to take Rosie’s place than someone with no celebrity ego. He doesn’t discriminate on his blog, he dishes the dirt on everyone. It would probably make the show a huge success.

Rosie was just a loud mouth who in the end couldn’t take the same crap she was dishing out. I think the audience would grow exponentially. I have never watched The View on TV, but I might check it out to see Perez do his thing on TV.

Lady Sovereign – video of her breakdown

May 22, 2007

Here’s the video of her wonderful breakdown. It’s so rough being Lady Sovereign, it’s no wonder she’s depressed. But, the writing was on the wall… If you can’t take on a large Jelly Donut, life is going to be kicking your ass.

Lady Sovereign – says she gots no money!

May 20, 2007

It appears Lady Sovereign is having a nervous breakdown. She showed up an hour and a half late for a 3 song set at Studio B in Brooklyn, and was complaining that the crowd was too small. (Who’s fault is that ??) She stopped singing and the crowd got to sit back and listen to the pre-recorded vocals she had been singing over. She then stated that she was only playing the gig because she was poor and getting evicted from her apartment. She ended up crying and leaving saying she didn’t care if she got paid.

I’m thinking there’s more “hate”than “love” going on for Sov right now. I think it’s very apparent now why she backed down from the Jelly Donut battle… She’s softer than a Jelly Donut.