Britney VMA disaster – This is your brain on drugs…

September 11, 2007

    I’ll have to admit feeling a bit bad for her, as she’s a person regardless of how ridiculous her performace was. But, I think this situation here can become here wake-up call and be the catalyst for her changing her lifestyle… or not.

 I think it’s probably crystal clear to her now that it was a big mistake to try and do this performance in her current state – mentally and physically.

 For the common person often there is this thing that happens when you get married and have kids. The reality of responsibility sets in. You realize that you are the sole provider for your family and suddenly your life becomes about making their lives better. So things like partying all night, drinking, drugs, and numerous other behaviors can become a threat to your ability to provide a healthy environment for your family.

In Britney’s case, she’s got a boatload of cash, so she really doesn’t have to maintain a consistent job and provide. That cash also allows her to have other people watch her children when it’s inconvenient for her to do so – like when she wants to go party. 

Britney basically needs a reason to change her behavior.  Maybe the VMA’s gave her a shot of reality that she needs — she isn’t the Britney of years past. That doesn’t mean she’s washed up, it just means that she needs to evolve into a responsible adult.  It’s her personal life that is destroying her professional life. She seems to be placing a high value on revitalizing her career, and seemingly prioritizing it higher than family and her own health.

Britney… Get off drugs and alchohol and concentrate on your family. When you get healthy, you are going to be happier with yourself and that’s going to open up creativity that you just can’t even connect with right now. No one knows better than you how much work it took to build your career, and drugs and alchohol weren’t a part of the formula. Remove them from the picture and work on the things in your life that are creating your need to escape via those vices.

Can Madonna or Angelina save these kids ?

January 15, 2007

Apparently, Britney Spears is out partying hard again. It’s reported that she spent the saturday night with her new boyfriend in the Hugh Hefner suite of a Las Vegas Hotel, after a hard night of dancing, drinking, smoking etc at a gay nightclub. It’s obvious that Britney’s main concern is not her children.

Why doesn’t a Madonna or Angelina step in here and take custody of Britney’s kids ? It’s obvious that these kids have no more of a true parent than the children Madonna or Angelina adopted. Either of these two women would probably also be the best prepared to teach a child about what is going on with their momma as they both have lived it, and consequently are over it.

Britney – “I am finally free”

January 6, 2007

I am not sure why I even care about all of Britney’s business, but it is also really hard to avoid her business these days. Everywhere you go on the net, there is an article about Britney’s partying or another episode of her playing peekaboo with her vagina.


What I don’t understand is that people seem to be so much more focused on how it affects her career as opposed to her children. Madonna goes and adopts a impoverished child and the media is there to ask questions concerning the welfare of the child. Britney parties constantly and has begun passing out in clubs, and her best parental move in it all is not bringing her kids out to party with her.


Does she mean she’s finally “free” from her children ? This whole comeback thing has given her the perfect reason to be away from her children “working”. Somewhere there is a nanny raising these children, and that nanny is the closest thing to a parent that they’ll ever have. Mommy and Daddy seem to deal with them as their little pets that they can spend time with when they have time out from their busy partying schedules.


Why did Britney have kids ? Maybe to feel like a grown woman. I would think that menstruation should drive that home. She probably didn’t realize she was actually becoming a parent. Obviously, based on her recent actions she’s not aware of what being a parent is all about.





Britney Spears to play Miss Piggy in new Muppets movie ?

January 3, 2007

Sources close to Britney Spears have given life to rumors that she might be readying herself to play the role of Miss Piggy in an upcoming Muppets movie.



She’s been spotted out and about looking puffier than usual, which would seem to give credibility to such rumors.

As always, rumors lead the way to more rumors. There is much speculation as to who might play the role of Kermit. Is a big screen reunion in the works ?