Lady Sovereign – video of her breakdown

May 22, 2007

Here’s the video of her wonderful breakdown. It’s so rough being Lady Sovereign, it’s no wonder she’s depressed. But, the writing was on the wall… If you can’t take on a large Jelly Donut, life is going to be kicking your ass.

Lady Sovereign – says she gots no money!

May 20, 2007

It appears Lady Sovereign is having a nervous breakdown. She showed up an hour and a half late for a 3 song set at Studio B in Brooklyn, and was complaining that the crowd was too small. (Who’s fault is that ??) She stopped singing and the crowd got to sit back and listen to the pre-recorded vocals she had been singing over. She then stated that she was only playing the gig because she was poor and getting evicted from her apartment. She ended up crying and leaving saying she didn’t care if she got paid.

I’m thinking there’s more “hate”than “love” going on for Sov right now. I think it’s very apparent now why she backed down from the Jelly Donut battle… She’s softer than a Jelly Donut.

Lady Sovereign – Those were the days ??

April 21, 2007

Is it just me or is it odd for a 19 year old to rap about last week like it was decades ago ?

I found this video on YouTube, and it’s reminiscent in some ways to Ice Cube’s “It was a good day”…similar…

Lady Sovereign vs Jelly Donut

January 10, 2007

Lady Sovereign was called out by a Jelly Donut at a SF concert on Jan 8th. Apparently Jelly Donut is a SF rapper who came to the show in his Jelly Donut costume to get a chance to have a rap battle with Lady Sovereign. Lady Soverign turned him down, and it’s said that she actually spit on him which got some of the crowd pissed enough to throw beer at her.


I did some research and it appears this must be a legit story as I’ve even found Jelly Donut’s mySpace page. You can also see him in action in this Video. Given the quality of his work, I really don’t think it was worth Lady Sovereigns time to engage in a battle with him.


Lady Sovereign – I can’t stop saying “thank youuuuuu”

January 5, 2007

Sovereign Cover

Even though I was initially put off by her performance on the MTV New Years show, I seem to be saying “thank yooooouuuu” quite often. So I am gonna have to give her props for a really catchy tune. Is it possible that it’s so annoying that it’s good ? I really can’t explain why that song stays with me.

Lady Sovereign – What is this ?

January 1, 2007

So I am watching the MTV New Years Eve show, and on comes this girl rapper called Lady Sovereign.

Lady Soverign

It was the most annoying performance I’ve seen in a while. The song was “Love me or Hate me” and the hook being “Thank yooooooouuuuuu”. I think the name of the song means that she’s probably already come to grips with the fact that a large amount of people will hate her. To be honest, it was kind of catchy, but I wanted it to stop almost immediately. I think I’ll stand with the people who hate her music… Thank yoooouuuu!!

I figure if I am going to bash her, I might as well give you a link to her profile on myspace so you can check out her music :

Lady Sovereign – MySpace