James Woods claims O.J. wanted threesome with him ?

September 22, 2007

This might be one of the oddest things I have heard in quite a while. James Woods made an appearance on the Late Late Show and claimed that Simpson’s wife at the time, Nicole Brown Simpson, invited him up to their hotel room for a “night-cap” <wink><wink> with her and O.J.

He also noted that after he declined that she sent him a letter at a later date saying “Dear Jimmy, O.J. is out of town, maybe you would like to get together.” Of course it was probably Nicole that wanted to make the threesome happen, but it seems to indicate that O.J. was game. I don’t think Nicole makes the offer without clearance.

I guess the odd thing to me, is why do you decide to bring this kind of thing to light ? (even odder without a book deal) And if you decide to do so, why not wait until O.J. is in prison ? “If he did it”, there’s a chance (albeit slight) he might do you. You can never be too careful with your life. Somehow I think that bringing to question the sexual orientation of a guy like O.J. and then mentioning that his wife wanted to sleep with you is pretty inflammatory to the Juice.

We are talking about a man who is holding up people at gunpoint over some sports memorabilia right ? We are talking about a guy who is believed to have butchered his wife and possible love interest of his wife…

James Wood must really feel he needs people to take notice of himself to make comments like this, true or not. I’m still not clear what his motive is for divulging something like that. It’s entertaining to hear about, but most would probably keep that in their back pocket.

OJ Simpson gets tossed from restaurant

May 9, 2007

 I really enjoyed hearing about O.J. getting tossed from a steakhouse in Louisville, Kentucky.  It was reported that all the patrons began applauding after he left the restaurant. Now it appears that O.J.’s laywer is gonna make a race issue out of it.  I applaud the owner of the steakhouse for making a stand on the issue, and it’s just silly to think of this as a race issue.

Why is it so hard for him to understand that it’s not the color of his skin, but his actions that people are repulsed by. Even if he didn’t murder his wife and Goldman, he still attempted to profit from it all by writing a book about “If I did it, here’s what I would have done”.  I’m sure it’s going to repulse his kids once they get to a point where they really understand why that is like pissing on someones grave.

The O.J. Simpsons – Look out!!

May 3, 2007

This is quality stuff here. You really can’t afford to not see these.

The O.J. Simpsons – Lost Episodes 

O.J. Simpson’s new book

January 15, 2007

O.J. Simpson is now shopping around an idea for a new book, in the wake of his cancelled book “If I Did It”. This new book appears to be about his life with Nicole Brown Simpson.

He seems to be very intent about capitalizing on  the death of his wife in some way. His reasoning is that he’s trying to provide for his children, which would be admirable, without foreknowledge that he killed their mother.

I also think that this book is an attempt to drag Nicole’s name through the dirt and expose some negative things about her life. Wouldn’t a good father rather have his children remember their mother for the positive things she brought to their lives ? Or is he trying to make them feel better about their father ?