Paris Hilton drops her appeal, heading to jail!

May 18, 2007

It’s about time the hotel heiress came to her senses and dropped her silly appeal. The Sheriff’s department also shortened the sentence to 23 days, which is more than fair. She’s going to be separated from the general inmate population, so I guess she’s not being treated like everyone else. I thought the whole idea of jail was that you lost all your rights. I think she’d learn alot more from this situation if she got treated like everyone else.  She’s going to be staying in what they call the “Special Needs Housing Unit”. I wonder what you need to do, to qualify for “Special Needs” ? I’m sure some money is changing hands.

Paris – “I’m not above the law.”

May 10, 2007

Isn’t the fact that she made this statement to, which is a celebrity gossip site, pretty indicative of how oblivious she is to why the judge has sentenced her to jail time. What is the judge supposed to do ? Fine her $5,000 ? She probably wipes her ass with 5 grand every day.

She is probably thinking that others have done the same thing and not had to do jail time. But the fact that a fine basically means nothing to her, the judge needs to sentence her in a way that it affects her and makes her change her ways. That’s why the 45 day sentence is so hard for Paris to deal with, cause it’s the only real punishment the judge can give her. Even suspending her license for life is not really a huge deal, as she can have someone drive or even fly her anywhere.

Paris Hilton gets jail time

May 5, 2007

You really have to love it when someone who obviously thinks the can get away with pretty much anything, doesn’t get away with something and maybe even gets made an example. Just the fact that she really doesn’t need to drive at all, but did anyways, is enough for me to be happy about her going to jail. Will they allow her to bring her little toy dog with her ? Will she have access to her blackberry ?

“Publicist testifies he told heiress it was OK to drive” – Don’t we all wish we could have this excuse ?  Isn’t it  silly that it would even be attempted to be used as an excuse ?

I’m sure the appeal is going to be that she’s being made an example of and that she poses no threat. Maybe instead of fighting this with an appeal, she should think about using this as a platform for showing true remorse for her driving sins and encourage others to not follow in her footsteps. Instead, she’s going to whine and cry and try to use her money to make it go away.

Maybe if she would have just been honest about the whole thing and not try to make excuses, the judge might have been a little more flexible. Based on the fact that they are appealing and the mother is laughing…. they really don’t seem to take seriously any of these violations that she’s had. I applaud the judge.

Why not make an example of Paris Hilton ?

January 9, 2007

It appears that Paris Hilton has plead innocent to charges of drunk driving back in Sept of 06. She was on her way to get a In-N-Out Burger and said that she had only 1 margarita.

Her spokesman has said that her blood alcohol level registered “the absolute minimum amount of alcohol in your system that would justify an arrest.”  Doesn’t that pretty much say it all ? That statement seems to indicate that some leeway should be given.

I see lots of drunk driving advertising on TV, so it would seem that alot of our tax dollars is being spent on handling the drunk driving issue. They could actually get alot of “free advertising” of the best kind by making an example of Paris Hilton. Doesn’t that send a message that if she can’t get away with it, you definitely won’t ?

The sentence could be as stiff as 6 months in jail. That won’t happen, but that’s some reality TV I wouldn’t mind watching – The Not So Simple Life.

In-N-Out burgers, by the way, are definitely the best burgers out there.