Who likes to rock the potty ?

August 22, 2007

Well, it’s finally happened, Lukey is now officially potty trained. It turns out that this process is very simple and in my opinion involves you completely leaving it up to the child to make the decision. All you need to do is go out and buy about 20 pairs of underwear and remove pullups/diapers as an option. Diapers and pullups are made with comfort in mind, and therefore Luke was basically prety much ok with sitting in a wet diaper. But… once the the comfort was gone and the pee and ran down his leg, he had to make some decisions pretty quickly. He had a couple accidents, but 3 days later and he’s a potty machine and proud of it.

 The rewards and such are cool and not a bad thing. But a little bit of reality is really what gets the job done. It’s not about giving them reasons to want to get potty trained, it’s about letting them learn that they don’t want to have piss running down their legs.

 He still sleeps in a pullup, but he wants underwear as soon as he wakes up. I think he’s discovered a new level of comfort in not walking around in a wet diaper. The underwear is also less restrictive and he probably feels alot lighter on his feet now.

 Next is #2 — I guess that’s why they call it #2, since it’s second on the potty training agenda.  For some reason he really doesn’t want to poop on the potty.  I’m not really sure why he prefers going into the closet to “do business”. We call the closet his office. When he disappears to his office, we know he’s “doing business”.

 So… forget all the messing around to potty train your kid, just remove diapers from the picture and let them make the decision. From a parents standpoint, it’s a pain to have to clean up the accidents for a day or two. But once the diapers are done with, it’s like you just got a part time job since you won’t be buying diapers anymore.

Lukey’s 3rd Birthday at Chuck E Cheeses

April 25, 2007

This was Luke’s first Birthday where he actually comprehended that it was a special day for him, and maybe even understood what it meant. When we woke up in the morning, I was making a big deal out of it being his Birthday and he exclaimed “I’m a kid!!”. So I think he understood on some level that it was a new beginning of some sort. I’m hoping that new beginning involves some potty training successes rather rapidly.


The Chuck E Cheeses that we went to seemed to be alot smaller than the last one I was at a year or two back. This one seemed a bit smaller, and lacked the larger scale attractions of the other establishment. This one had the videogames, ski-ball and some smaller rides — Bob the Builder, Barney, Chuck E Cheese, etc. They basically assume that the child wants to ride with these characters. I think one display of maturity from Luke was that he kind of seemed to not want Bob or Barney riding with him, and he wouldn’t even get in the car with Chuck E Cheese.  It was like he actually ignored Barney and Bob. I saw another kid riding with Barney and actually had his hand on Barney’s knee throughout the whole ride.

Luke’s favorite ride was the big monster truck that moved for all of like 1 minute when you put a token in. It just puzzles me why they do this. a quarter for 1 minute ??? We are eating the crappiest pizza known to man at an inflated price and we get 1 minute ?? Ok, I got 20 tokens free, so I was able to get past that and enjoy the party.


I was amazed by all these kids running around spending .25 cent tokens to collect tickets that are worth 1/50th of what the value that token . But since they have no inkling of any kind of currency exchange they seem okay with the fact that a .10 cent tootsie roll might have cost them $2. Believe me, while standing there looking at things to buy with our tickets, I was ready to talk with a manager before I caught myself. I was outraged.  I think Luke’s complete disinterest in the whole tickets situation was what sucked me in to caring about those tickets. I was the keeper of the tickets, and as they amassed in my pocket I was getting a little excited about what we might be able to get him when we were done. But… in the end, anything in our ticket range was complete and utter crap. Toys made out of the crappiest plastic you could find and in many cases very vaguely representing the intended animal or object.

 But, it was Luke’s day, and he thoroughly enjoyed it. He explored every inch of the place in 30 second increments. Something tells me that he’s got my ADD, cause everything was the grandest thing ever for that whole 30 seconds and then the next 30 seconds it was yesterday’s news to him.

Potty Training on the Big Boy Potty

January 17, 2007

The potty training is coming along OK, Luke is now excited about going on the Big Boy Potty. But so far there has been no actual potty action, just sitting on it. We make numerous trips to the bathroom and we clap and cheer him on, but still no real potty. It’s all vapor potty, there’s no substance.


I figure at some point just by coincidence he’ll actually go potty for real. I’ve even tried running the water to stimulate him, but it’s not worked yet. I gotta believe that we aren’t far away from his first official potty. Excitement is in the air.

Potty Training Progress

January 14, 2007

Luke has been making steps towards potty trained status. I think my biggest problem is that I just don’t know when he’s gonna want to go, so it’s impossible for me to encourage him at the right time. I’ve encouraged him to let me know when he has to make a dookie or go pee-pee, but I don’t think he’s prioritizing this quite the same as I am.  He seems quite comfortable with the flexibility of being able to take a piss at any given moment and anywhere he chooses. When described in that manner, it almost seems appealing to me as well.

My wife said that she got him on the toilet the other day and seemed ready to do some work. He basically kept looking down into the toilet to see if there was any potty in there. Is it possible that he doesn’t understand that he is in control of the potty making ? Maybe he thinks that when Daddy goes it’s a magic trick.

I do think we are making progress though. I have begun taking his diapers to the toilet and I put the dookies in there and let him flush them. He really seems to get excited about the flushing. Hopefully that leads to excitement about filling up that toilet instead of his diaper.

Potty Training – Pee Pee first.

January 9, 2007

Thanks to you who gave me advice on the whole potty training thing. Mandi suggested putting a tennis ball in the toilet and using that as target practice. Which is extremely good advice because it seems that I was actually focusing on the #2 first, given that I thought he had more control over holding that and it’s far more visibly clear why it needs to be in the toilet.

Tennis ball

I briefed my wife on the concept of putting a tennis ball in the toilet, and she says she remembered her parents putting cheerios in the toilet to train his brother. I’m not sure how I feel about him associating his potty with food, so I think I am going to use my veto power on this one. — Guys have veto power when it comes to male children, or at least that’s going to be the case I plead.

So what should I use ? I think I want something that can be destroyed by the urine stream. I believe that will give him a sense of power in taking a piss like a big boy. I’m gonna have to think about that, I think it’s worth waiting a day to feel confident that what I toss in my toilet is going to work.

Today he actually made a big step in that he actually assumed the position and seemed intent on taking his first piss in the toilet. It was right before his bath, so I figured I always have to pee before a shower. My wife came in and I think he got gun shy, so he abandonded the mission. Sure enough as soon as he was in the tub, he took a leak.

Which makes me wonder why my son has no reaction to fecal matter. When he was about a year and a half old, he had diarrhea and I had to get him to the bathtub. I could barely hold him because I was gagging. I was holding him as far away from my body as I could as he cried. But I wondered later why he wasn’t gagging. It’s like kids are immune to stench. I guess you have to be when 20% of the time you are walking around with a load in your diaper.

It’s time to start Potty Training

January 6, 2007

The time has come to start potty training Luke. I’m not really sure how to go about it, but I’m gonna learn. We already have some potty training equipment that we got a few months back. To this point he’s refused to sit on the thing without a diaper on, so that is obvioiusly cutting down the chances for success drastically.Potty

I don’t really have a plan yet, so I’ll be doing some googling tonight to get some tips. He actually lets us know when he’s pooped his diaper, so I’ve heard that is a sign that he’s ready to start potty training.

I usually take him in there when I drop a deuce, and he sits on his potty with his diaper on. I’ve overdramatized my excitement over making my poopies, to try and convince him that it’s a good thing. But unfortunately he seems quite content to give me props on my poopies, but he doesn’t seem the least bit interested in being like daddy in this respect.

So I need to figure out what is going to motivate him to use this potty.

Teddy or New Teddy ?

January 1, 2007

Luke has grown attatched to a blanket-type object that has a Teddy bear head/arms on it. Not uncommon for a 2 year old to become attached to something such as this, but as a concerned parent you ponder what happens when Teddy ceases to exist. Mainly because Teddy is beginning to fall apart and kind of smells. So I’ve already begun taking steps to prepare for such an event. Enter “New Teddy”.

Teddy and New Teddy

I am going to trust that it’s quite clear which one is New Teddy in the picture above. I was really hoping that we could find a newer Teddy and just swap him out, but we weren’t able to locate the same “Teddy”.
So the task is to now convince Luke that New Teddy is far superior to Teddy. I think an unbiased child would most definitely choose New Teddy, just based on his superior hygiene. But after some research I’ve actually found that Teddy has some attributes that New Teddy might not be able to deliver on.

  1. Teddy’s head has squeaking technology. You squeeze his head and it makes a noise.
  2. New Teddy’s eyes seemed to be always closed. I’ve not been able to get the feeling that I’ve made eye contact with New Teddy, so I’m not sure how the bonding will occur without solid eye contact. He might even think that new Teddy is not actually alive or always sleeping.

It’s a dilemna, but I will move forward on trying to expedite the changeover even though I myself am not fully convinced that New Teddy is superior.

Currently we’ve introduced him to New Teddy and he now actually carries around both Teddies. So I don’t think we thought about what to do if he doesn’t think a decision is required. For now I am going to just let him get to know New Teddy and see if maybe he decides on his own that he no longer needs Teddy. If that doesn’t happen naturally, I might have to find ways to make Teddy less appealing. (Apparently smell is not a deterrent.)