Kanye West – More of the same

September 11, 2007

Kanye What would a music award show be without Kanye complaining about not winning an award ? He also made comments that he felt Britney had been exploited by the show, and that made him feel bad.  Of course the only reason that he cares about Britney’s whole debacle is because she got to open the show and not him. The fact that she bombed just highlights to him that they made the wrong choice in a show opening act. Any choice but him, would be a wrong choice of course.  I really find it hard to believe that Kanye thinks about anyone else, except in terms of how it affects his life/career.

 Of course this planet is Kanye’s domain and we all just happen to be living here and blessed to be in his presence.  Should his career ever take a nose dive, that is the reality show that I want to see. There probably couldn’t be any better entertainment than him dealing with a failing career. 

I’m glad that he lost though, cause I don’t think the world is ready for Kanye winning. He handles defeat with such class and style, that I would have to imagine that he’s a far worse winner than he is a bad loser. I’m sure that speech would begin with him telling everyone that they made the right choice and that he’d forgive them for not seeing the light sooner.