Countdown to Taylor – Pavlik

September 25, 2007

So now just under a week away from this fight, Taylor’s angle seems to be renaming himself the “Junkyard Dog”. He was “Bad Intentions”, and it was believable that he could have bad intentions…. But unfortunately he wasn’t able to really follow through with making them mean much in the ring – Corey Spinks managed to go the distance with those bad intentions.

 It’s almost laughable to rename yourself the “Junkyard Dog” while training in the Poconos. And in an article on HBO, you have Steward and Lewis trying to pump up the Poconos camp as a deciding factor. They keep saying that no one who’s trained there with Emmanuel Steward has lost. Of course, Emmanuel Steward trains with alot of guys who are the favorites and big name fighters already.

The true factor in the fight is whether or not Taylor truly listens to Emmanuel Steward for a change. A junkyard dog is out of control. What Jermain Taylor needs is to be a good listener and follow Steward’s strategy. Junkyard dogs don’t have strategy, they bite, maime, and kill.  Do we really believe that Taylor is a Junkyard Dog ?

 In the press conference before his fight with Spinks, Miranda and Pavlik were on the undercard. Both fighters made comments to obviously stake claim on fighting Taylor next — as the fight was billed appropriately “The Right to Fight”. So when Taylor reached the podium he said “I don’t do all this talking — ‘I’m gonna do this, I’m gonna do that.’ I will walk up to you and punch you in the mouth!”

Isn’t ironic that right now he’s doing alot of talking ?

Just cause you call yourself a “Junkyard Dog”, doesn’t mean you are. But it might indicate that you are trying to convince your own self that you are.

It’s now obvious to me that this fight is going to be an instant classic. Taylor is taking this bout seriously. So seriously that he’s now doing whatever he can to pump himself up, which has to result in something far better in the ring than what we saw against Spinks.

 If Pavlik tarnishes the Poconos as a training camp, it might just be haunted by the “Ghost” for years to come.

Steward and Taylor call Pavlik Overrated

September 22, 2007

I’ve always respected Emmanuel Steward and he’s probably my favorite analyst when he does commentary on HBO fights because he’s usually spot on. He’s usually not the type to talk badly about a fighter, but in this case he’s actually come out and called Pavlik overrated and is basically saying this fight is going to be simple for Taylor. I’ll say that based on his knowledge of the sport, his comments and my respect for his opinion are the only reason that I would think that Taylor has a chance.

However, Steward himself knows that Taylor has a penchant for not listening to his instructions during a fight, and in turn making fights much closer than they need to be. I’ve even seen Steward in the corner seemingly at wits end with Taylor not listening to him.   I’ve heard Steward make comments about Taylor not listening to him in fights during other HBO broadcasts where he does commentary.

If Taylor listens to Steward, I think that he probably has a far better chance of winning the fight. But, do any of us believe that will happen ?

Steward makes note of Class A fighters that Taylor has been fighting, but we all know he’s looked pretty much lackluster in doing so. I really kind of wish they’d have matched up Corey Spinks with Pavlik first to really pump this fight up even more. I think we all know that Spinks would be pulverised by Pavlik. Then… everyone would realize that calling the Spinks win anything but the crap that it was, would be a ridiculous statement.  Luckily for Steward, that fight never happened so he can try and convince people that Spinks was a Class A opponent and going the distance with him was a victory in anything other than as a statistic.

Forget Mayweather vs Hatton , this here is going to be the fight of the year. Pavlik vs Miranda was a fan’s fight, and Pavlik is going to be considered a premiere fan’s fighter after taking out Taylor.  I will truly be interested in what Steward has to say about Pavlik after the fight. I think it’s possible that Steward might drop Pavlik after this fight if he doesn’t listen.

I also highly doubt that Steward is truly underestimating Pavlik, but I think it’s highly possible that Taylor truly is.