MTV exploitative ? Is that news to anyone ?

September 11, 2007

After hearing Kanye’s remarks about Britney being exploited by MTV, it kind of made me chuckle. Mostly because Kanye is once again whining, but also because the whole celebrity machine is driven by exploitation on so many levels. The fact that Britney’s career started with her in a catholic school girl outfit pretty much shows you that it’s not like this isn’t the norm for the entertainment industry.

 MTV opened the door for Britney to fall on her face, and I’m sure they were happy when it happened because everyone is still talking about the show.  Hell, MTV created the Real World , which at it’s core is putting a bunch of kids in a house that have the most potential to get drunk, fight, have sex, or get arrested…. potentially all in the same night.  If there is a gay guy or gal in the house, you can be sure that there is someone else in the house who’s never been exposed to that lifestyle and has potentially inflammatory beliefs on the subject. 

 As Kanye knows now he was a part of the cast of Real World VMA. I’m sure they were well aware of what not giving Kanye an award meant, and his tantrum was “expected”. If MTV really cared about the music more than drama, the channel’s lineup wouldn’t be stacked with high drama reality shows.  Maybe that is why the channel is losing it’s allure.

 But… in the end. Am I really worried about Britney Spears being exploited ? I think she’s doing a far better job by herself, and doesn’t need MTV to exploit her. She walked out the door  got in a car and then got snapped again without her panties on. 

Britney VMA disaster – This is your brain on drugs…

September 11, 2007

    I’ll have to admit feeling a bit bad for her, as she’s a person regardless of how ridiculous her performace was. But, I think this situation here can become here wake-up call and be the catalyst for her changing her lifestyle… or not.

 I think it’s probably crystal clear to her now that it was a big mistake to try and do this performance in her current state – mentally and physically.

 For the common person often there is this thing that happens when you get married and have kids. The reality of responsibility sets in. You realize that you are the sole provider for your family and suddenly your life becomes about making their lives better. So things like partying all night, drinking, drugs, and numerous other behaviors can become a threat to your ability to provide a healthy environment for your family.

In Britney’s case, she’s got a boatload of cash, so she really doesn’t have to maintain a consistent job and provide. That cash also allows her to have other people watch her children when it’s inconvenient for her to do so – like when she wants to go party. 

Britney basically needs a reason to change her behavior.  Maybe the VMA’s gave her a shot of reality that she needs — she isn’t the Britney of years past. That doesn’t mean she’s washed up, it just means that she needs to evolve into a responsible adult.  It’s her personal life that is destroying her professional life. She seems to be placing a high value on revitalizing her career, and seemingly prioritizing it higher than family and her own health.

Britney… Get off drugs and alchohol and concentrate on your family. When you get healthy, you are going to be happier with yourself and that’s going to open up creativity that you just can’t even connect with right now. No one knows better than you how much work it took to build your career, and drugs and alchohol weren’t a part of the formula. Remove them from the picture and work on the things in your life that are creating your need to escape via those vices.