Barry Gibb’s Upper Lip – Moustache and HDTV have made him a freak.

May 10, 2007

I was able to find a decent picture of Barry on the internet, and there is definitely something strange going on. But, then again, maybe it’s just that his moustache isn’t as prominent as it used to be. Maybe that’s what he’s been hiding all these years with that moustache. It’s a good thing too, because it’s very distracting, especially in High Definition. Maybe that’s part of the problem too, you just never really noticed it too much in standard definition TV. Now, he’s pretty much a freak. He should probably make a statement letting us know that he’s ok, and it’s not a deteriorating condition that might soon take his lower lip.

Barry Gibb’s Upper Lip

May 10, 2007

Now I am sure that I am not the only one that wants to know.  While checking out the statistics page for my blog, I discovered that it’s quite a popular search since yesterday’s American Idol show. Below is a list of the search engine terms used to get to my blog today.

If anybody knows, please clue me in. Cause it’s just not normal. I had a great laugh when I read “What is wrong with Barry Gibbs upper lip”, it made me feel a little less obsessed.