“Dick in a Box” — What kind of box would your dick be in ?

January 8, 2007

I guess the kind of box you put your dick in says alot about you on many levels. Which brings up a good point that many guys just aren’t good at wrapping presents. (pun not intended, but yet it’s there)

As expected, more “in a Box” parodies on the way…

January 8, 2007

Ok, so it wasn’t Booty  or Boob(s) in a box, it went straight to the slang with “Tits in a box”. But I have to believe that “Booty in a Box” or some derivative will show up shortly.

I’ve added “In a Box” parodies as a category so I can track them all.

How many parodies is going to be too many ?

January 7, 2007

Given that the original “Dick in A Box” was funny, I think having at least one parody is warranted. But I’d like to request that we don’t go overboard with this one. I could be crazy but very soon we might be seeing things like — Booty in a Box and Boob(s) in a box. At that point we will have covered the naughty parts, but then someone will decide that it can also be funny if you use other slang words for those parts. At that point it doesn’t even matter that the joke has already been made, it’s more about putting your own shclong in a box and so we might need to brace for something similar to the “Wazzzzzzuuupp” phenomena.