Grossman out, Griese in

September 25, 2007

It’s now being reported by the Chicago Tribune that Brian Griese will be starting for the Bears this Sunday against the Lions.  Finally, many Bear fans prayers have been answered and Lovie has finally seen the light — or at least been forced by someone above him to make the change. Whichever it was, it’s a step forward.

No one expects Griese to come in and light up our passing game. I’d be satisfied if he just managed to avoid making the big mistakes that Grossman has managed to make on a consistent basis. God knows he probably has some rust on him by now, but I’m pretty confident that he can’t be worse than Grossman.

It takes a special QB to manage getting a sub 25 QB rating in 4 games last year. He had a 23.7, 10.2, 1.3, and the holy grail 0.0 rating. All in one season, and we still made it to the Super Bowl despite his many mistakes. I even hear some fellow Bear fans say “he led us to a Super Bowl”.  Silly… but it gets said all the time.

Everyone have enough of Rex yet ?

September 24, 2007

Sorry… just had to post that picture of Rex doing what he does best.

Before the Kansas City game, I had a heated discussion with one of my friends about Rex Grossman. I pretty much stated that I believe that although he has sufficient physical talent to be in the NFL, I didn’t believe that mentally he was performing at a level that could win us a Super Bowl. I even compared him to Mike Tomczack of Bears teams past, who was seeing a shrink to deal with being in the NFL.

Fast forward to after this last game against the Cowboys and I’m sure that there are alot more Bear fans ready to give Grossman the boot. I’m tired of hearing about how well he did early in the season last year. Does everyone forget that the scouting report on the Bears at that point was — stop the run and the Bears offense is incapable of scoring. Well… Doesn’t anyone remember teams designing game plans based on that line of thinking ? Stacking the line with 8 men in the box ? Guess what ? That makes it alot easier to pass and since you have 8 players defending against the run, you end up with 4 players defending against the pass. So does anyone else think it’s possible that a gameplan like that might make it easier for someone to be successful passing the ball ?

Of course that gameplan changed about midseason and it became we need to get after Grossman as he’s looking like a MVP Quarterback. Suddenly, Grossman’s weakness — pressure — is revealed. Now you got a guy who managed to get a 0 QB rating in one game, and became pretty much useless.

What made that portion of the season even more annoying is that everyone, including Lovie, were waiting for that MVP guy to return, and pretty much made passing our main focus instead of running. In the Championship game, Thomas Jones ran for like 120+ yards and everyone was talking about Rex Grossman’s 1 drive for a TD. Then… in the Super Bowl with horrible conditions Lovie decides to “pass” against the #2 pass defense, instead of “running” against the worst run defense in the league. I still don’t understand it, and apparently no one can explain that to me, even to this day. Was it ironic that the Colts “ran” the ball instead of passing ?

Ok.. I’m done with that rant. But I think everyone is getting closer to being on the same page now, and my prediction of Griese being the starter withing 6 games is well on track.

Even Madden and Michaels last night were talking about “long term”, which to me is ridiculous. We don’t have to abandon long term goals. Is it possible that what Rex needed all along is to sit on the bench and watch how someone like Brian Griese prepares and plays the game ? I mean, he was a Pro Bowl QB.. no ? What is the shame in that ? Now Griese is 2 years older, and probably rusty… Grossman is a complete head case… and we are 1-2.

Thanks Lovie.

Rex Grossman – Mental Midget

September 15, 2007

I am surprised by the reaction that many Chicago Bear fans are having to Ron Rivera’s comment about Rex Grossman being a “mental midget”. I am a Chicago Bears fan, but I happen to be fully in agreement with Rivera’s assessment of Grossman.  I’ve seen alot of people attempt to discredit the comment by saying that Rivera is basically just a linebacker coach now, so obviously he’s not exactly progressing in his own coaching career. But…. I think if you watched the game against the Chargers, you’ll notice that the team pretty much followed Rivera’s advice — pressure Grossman — and got exactly the results that he predicted they would get. Can’t argue with reality.

Take into account Rex’s career to this point. He’s obviously had a great deal of trouble with consistency and undoubtedly is a far less effective QB when forced to make quick decisions. Rex is capable of being an NFL QB obviously, but when under pressure he’s no Brett Favre, Dan Marino, John Elway, Peyton Manning, or even Brian Griese.  He’s not very good at improvising, and I’d say that mental aptitude would play heavily into that particular aspect of a quarterback.

My prediction is that by the end of the year, if not sooner, there will be many more Bear fans that agree with Rivera on this comment. Sometimes the truth is hard to swallow, but in the end the truth usually comes out.

Bears – Is the Grossman charade over yet ?

September 11, 2007

 I know it’s just the first game of the season, and the first game is not always the best indicator of what’s going to happen in a season. But… I think I have seen enough of Grossman to know that he’s mediocre at best. He’s very prone to fumbling the ball and in many cases can’t get off a decent pass unless he’s completely unpressured. It’s a rarity to see him get off a good pass when he’s under any kind of pressure. That’s not the kind of QB that’s going to win us a superbowl.

 I think that Rex Grossman has talent, and can play in the NFL. I just don’t think at this point in his he’s a guy who’s going to lead a team to win a Superbowl. So do we tolerate Grossman’s mediocrity/inconsistency for another year or make the decision that we have potential to win a Super Bowl this year with a more qualified QB — Griese. 

With the devastating injuries in the first game of the season, the QB position becomes even more important now.

  Brian Griese please. Need I say more ?

Chicago Bears -When will we stop featuring weakness ?

January 2, 2007

This last game of the regular season against the Packers was a complete disgrace. When does Lovie Smith wake up and realize that we don’t need to focus heavily on having a passing game ? Maybe it’s just me, but does Grossman look like a Super Bowl QB in this picture ? I think it’s time to end the charade.


In the preseason I thought it was very odd that Lovie Smith seemed to just hand the starting QB job to Grossman, even though Griese seemed to be the more capable based on performance. Now we are heading to the playoffs with a major question mark at QB. What happened to making a young player earn his position ?


Cedric Benson runs for 109 yard on 18 carries, and we throw 5 interceptions with our passing game. Isn’t it quite clear which is our strength ? I think that most coaches would agree that you should keep running the ball until the other team can stop it. Why take risks that you don’t need to take ?

It’s going to be interesting to see what the Bears gameplan is for their first playoff game. I still honestly believe that we could beat any team as long as we focus on running the ball and play a field position game. Why take risks in the passing game if we don’t have to ?Favre

I do respect Brett Favre, and he quite possibly be the best QB of all-time. But the Packers winning this game was more about us featuring weakness and neglecting our strengths.