Heroes Season 2 – Ho-hum.

October 8, 2007


I’m really growing quite bored with this series, and although the reintroduction of Sylar should help the show, it just might not be enough.

Episode 2 was pretty much as boring as the first episode of season 2. It really didn’t reveal much, and really didn’t add anything really intriguing and new.

Peter can’t remember who he is, and a portion of the episode is setting the stage for him having to go along with his captors plan to get the “box” that contains his identity. If he had any smarts, he’d wait till the guy stepped away from the fireplace and then knock him over with his powers. But instead, he’s a lame enough super hero, that he’ll accept the deal.

Hiro’s plotline is pretty lackluster right now as well. He’s now posing as his childhood idol to try and make history turn out right. We all see Hiro’s love life heating up in the near future. ho hum….

Claire and her family…. ho hum. Lets lay low and not get discovered. Of course the flying peeping tom kid, that is undoubtedly her new love interest, discovers Claire chopping off her finger and regrowing a new one. ho-hum…

The good doctor has located the haitian dude and given him the vaccine. He’s back at Claire’s fathers side… ho-hum

Now we have this new Maya girl who has some dark power that it seems only her brother can control. Ho-hum..

I’m thinking this next episode might be my last if Sylar doesn’t inject some kind of excitement into the show.

I think for a show like this to succeed you really need to have new powers along with new interesting ways of utilizing existing powers. Right now, I don’t feel like I’m seeing anything really new or innovative from the series. I’d say it’s bordering on boring right now.


Heroes Season 2 – feels like leftovers

September 25, 2007


I am hoping that the lack of action in this first episode is just the standard setting the table for the season to come. It’s somewhat understandable, but I think they could have thrown in a bit more to action to wet our appetites.

 I’ve already seen Claire heal her wounds… I’ve seen the one dude hear other people’s thoughts… I’ve seen Peter use his telekenesis… I’ve seen Peter and Nathan fly… I’ve seen Hiro travel through time… ho-hum… nothing happened that was significant, it was just a rehashing of “we have powers”.

Hiro’s father gets tossed from a roof and plummets to his bloody death. But it was really quite an underwhelming scene. Whoever the dude was basically just tackled him and drug him off the building. So he either flies or climbs on buildings or something like that. But underwhelming to say the least.

 Maya seems to be the new girl on the show with some kind of powers to kill. Based on the blood coming from everyone’s eyes, ears etc.. I’m gonna say she’s either got microwave powers or some kind of high frequency sound waves that can kill people. Nobody in the vicinity of her survived. So…. that’s why they conveniently made sure the brother got tossed from the vehicle, beaten, and left behind.

 Peter is shown to be in a trailer car in some trainyard, cuffed to the wall. Apparently he doesn’t know who he is, so I’m sure that storyline will be about him figuring out who he is. How does he get there ? I’m sure we’ll find out next episode.

But I’m not too excited about this season at the moment. Claire meets some kid at school who we find out can fly…. I smell some superhero romance coming our way. 

Last season had so many layers of learning about people’s powers and how everything fit together. Right now it feels like they are trying to set that table again, but unfortunately it’s leftovers.

Perez Hilton – to replace Rosie on The View ?

May 27, 2007

I don’t think I’ve heard such a brilliant idea in a long time. Who better to take Rosie’s place than someone with no celebrity ego. He doesn’t discriminate on his blog, he dishes the dirt on everyone. It would probably make the show a huge success.

Rosie was just a loud mouth who in the end couldn’t take the same crap she was dishing out. I think the audience would grow exponentially. I have never watched The View on TV, but I might check it out to see Perez do his thing on TV.

Lost – Newspaper Clipping Zoomed

May 25, 2007

 I think this closeup of the newspaper clipping at least narrows down the gender of the person in the coffin.

Lost – Who’s in the coffin

May 25, 2007

First, I’ll say that Lost has pretty much turned around 180 degrees and is now far more enjoyable to watch than say 5-6 weeks back. The seaon finale was great, it had enough action and twists added to get me excited about the next season. I thought the future sequences with Jack / Kate were great.

So now the question is “Who’s in the coffin ?”

 Here’s my take – Ben is in the coffin. Why ?

 1. No one was at the funeral. Ben has no family that we know of away from the island as his mother died in child birth and he killed his father.

2. Jack said he’s not a friend or family of the person in the coffin.

3. If only Jack, Kate, and Ben ended up back in civilization, and Ben was the only remaining person who “knows” how to get back the island and rescue the ones left behind… That would explain why Jack was so upset about this person passing away as alot of secrets die with him – mainly the location of the island.

 4. The coffin was kind of short, and Ben is kind of a short guy. 

American Idol – Chewbacca wins

May 24, 2007

I am very pleased with last night’s victory by Jordin. I am happy to say that I picked the wrong person – due to the fact that the voting has been completely ridiculous and it seemed like Blake would be the next Taylor Hicks. But I have a new faith in the people of our great land now, that they’ll be able to make good decisions without being swayed by novelty beatboxing or premature grey hair.

But… the whole night I became fixated on how big Jordin was. Not in a fat kind of way, but in a Chewbacca kind of way. It was very distracting. Everytime she stood next to Blake, he looked a little more like Han Solo.  Ryan of course looks more like a Hobbit when next to her. Obviously, this should have no bearing on the results, but am I the only one who noted this many times over the course of the night ?

Another thing… Why is it then when they get these great artists on the show they do a song that completely sucks ? Gwen Stefani… Green Day… J-Lo… Barry Gibb…  Kelly Clarkson… Bon Jovi…  Fergie… Maroon 5… Kelly Clarkson…  All came on the show and sang pretty much complete crap. Some might disagree but I think it’s about time American Idol encourages these artists to sing a sure thing as opposed to trying to promote their upcoming album. If they did that, they could probably release a decent album with guest artists performances. Unfortunately, I can’t think of one performance that I was like “Wow!!! that was great”. Given the caliber of talent that I mentioned above, shouldn’t that be the case ?

Song Selection… Song Selection… Song Selection…  It’s still important even after you’ve made it.

Am I the only one that felt like the Sanjaya / Joe Perry performance could have really been a showstopper had you added Steven Tyler to the mix ? or hell.. how about Aerosmith as a whole ? That… would have been a keeper peformance. Instead we get to see Sanjaya run into the crowd and go make the snapping turtle girl cry again.  Maybe “Sweet Emotion” ? “Walk this way” ? Hell, you could incorporate Blake into that one as well.  I just think Joe Perry alone is like having Ying without Yang…

American Idol – Is Blake another Taylor Hicks ?

May 23, 2007

 The new Taylor Hicks ?

Do Taylor Hicks and Blake Lewis have anything in common ? Is it possible that for the 2nd year straight a fan favorite will win for reasons other than being the best singer ? Will Blake end up with a career after American Idol ?

 I definitely am not saying that Blake or Taylor don’t have any talent at all, but I am saying that I wouldn’t listen to either of them on the radio or in my iPod if given a choice. Success after American Idol really depends heavily on that as Taylor Hicks is now discovering. Uniquely grey hair and underdog likeability doesn’t make a career for you. Blake just might be in that boat, as I don’t think beatboxing is going to make him a career.

 The final song by Jordin last night kind of put an exclaimation point on the fact that if she loses, it definitely isn’t about her singing capabilities. As much as I think that song should have sealed it for Jordin, I believe that Blake is set to become the next American Idol. If the masses were voting based on vocal talent, Melinda Doolittle would still be here.

 So, that’s my pick, Blake Lewis will be the next American Idol. He’ll be every bit as successful as any other beat-boxer you know of, and he’ll seem far less original trying to make it in the real music world.