UFO over Ohare Airport in Chicago

January 2, 2007

I had a friend send me an email today about a UFO sighting over a terminal at O’hare Aiport here in Chicago on November 7, 2006.

Chicago Tribune Article

I was completely unaware of the occurrence, so I decided to do some googling YouTubing and get to the bottom of it all.

I was unable to find any photos or videos of the sighting. Why is it that someone is able to snap a picture of Britney’s vagina in the brief moment it’s visible, and yet an airport filled with cellphone and camera toting travellers couldn’t get a shot of a UFO that was reported to be hovering over the terminal for 2 minutes ?? It was said that it also punched a hole in the cloud cover. No pics of that either ??

I am not a complete skeptic of UFO’s, I am open to the possibility of there being aliens. But, I think that if they are real, one logical explaination would be that we are basically lab rats. Lets examine some basic things regarding what we know/believe about aliens :

  • They are very hard to detect, and it seems as if they are pretty bent on not being detected.
  • They don’t seem to have any immediate need to destroy our planet.
  • They really don’t seem to make any attempt to communicate, it would seem that they could easily do that if they wanted.
  • They tend to land in deserted crop fields and leave markings — quite possibly just the form of their aircraft means of propulsion and have no real significance other than that.
  • They are believed to take people from rural areas and perform tests on them, such as anal probes. These people report what would seem to be quite similar to a scientist taking a lab rat out to test the results of a test.

I’d say that it seems plausible that we are a test in progress. I guess if you believed this, you might also wonder what happens to the lab rats when the experiment is over.