Wii Sports Workout

September 6, 2007

Wii Bowling

My son Jacob got a Wii for his birthday, and it came with Wii Sports that features Tennis, Bowling, Baseball, Boxing, and Golf.

I really don’t have too much interest playing games like Madden football or Grand Theft Auto with a controller like this. But bowling is simply the perfect game for this kind of controller, and it’s easily the best bowling game ever in my book. It doesn’t have all the stats tracking and online league capabilities that I am dreaming of now, but it feels like real bowling.

Another plus is that these games take physical exertion, and the other night I was drenched with sweat after about 30 games of bowling. Unlike most workouts where I am ready to stop before my body is, with this workout my body couldn’t continue but my mind wanted to.

The simulation/control is so accurate, that I think my scores are pretty consistent with my real life bowling prowess. I occasionally break out a 200+ game, but for the most part I am bowling in the 150-199 range. 

They really need to get an online version of this game, as it’s a perfect fit. I would definitely join an online league.