Beautiful Katamariage

September 11, 2007

I think I have reached a limit to how much Katamariage I can amass with the Beautiful Katamari demo. I’ve actually rolled 5m69cm Katamari, but didn’t have my camera available to take a shot of it.

I’m kind of frustrated now because I can’t figure out what I should be able to roll up next. After you roll up the fruit stands, there doesn’t seem to be anything that you can roll up to get bigger. I think if I just focused on getting more of the small stuff, I could probably get over 5m70cm.  Anyone know what the key is to getting a larger Katamari ? I have seen some say they have got a 6m Katamari, but have not seen any pictures or videos to substantiate that.

Beautiful Katamari Demo – Why can’t I stop playing ?

September 6, 2007


A few years back I picked up Katamari Damacy on the Playstation 2 and became completely addicted to the game.  A year or so later when selling some of my games on ebay, I sold it for some reason that I really can’t comprehend now.  I guess I figured I’d never play it again.

Fast forward a few years and I noticed a downloadable demo for Beautiful Katamari available on my Xbox 360. It’s one friggin level, but somehow I’ve played it more in the past week than any of my Xbox 360 games. I’m once again hooked on this game, and I actually went out last night to blockbuster and gamestop hoping to find a copy of the PS2 game to rent or buy… no luck.

 The Gamestop manager said that based on his computer there is a copy available in Palatine, about 20 minutes away. So I have a feeling I’ll be in Palatine today. If you have a Xbox 360, don’t download that demo unless you can wait until October 15th when it releases. I am having Katamari dreams.

Madden 08 (Xbox 360) – Better than NCAA, but turnover happy

August 20, 2007

Madden 08 I rented NCAA 08 a few weeks back and was pretty much disappointed in the game, and became worried that Madden 08 would have the same issues. I was relieved that it didn’t have all the framerate stutters between the playcall and regular gameplay. Whenever there was a camera transition to show off the stadiums you’d get a really noticeable framerate stutter. I just don’t like the feeling that the $500+ that I spent on the system that was supposed to provide me with a next generation feel is actually giving me a headache due to a framerate stutter. You only go to the playcall menu.. uh… EVERY PLAY!!!  Luckily, this is not an issue with Madden 08.

I am actually going to go on the record as saying that in terms of animation and feel of the control this just might be my favorite Madden ever. It’s a bit faster than previous versions of the game, and I suspect that some might not like that. I personally prefer the speed and more arcadish feel for some reason. In the past I have been more of a simulation type guy, but I found myself really enjoying the pumped up speed.

 Unfortunately, there is a pretty significant turnover issue. Fumbles are just far too common and it really detracts from the game in all modes. At first I wanted to believe that maybe I just needed to protect the ball more, but after creating a player  with 99 carrying rating and employing more protect ball techniques it was obvious that this was still far too common an occurrence.  Perhaps it’s that the strip ball weighting wasn’t correctly tuned and it’s far too effective.  Last year the Bears were “strip ball” happy, and maybe they wanted to make this more of a factor in the game this year…. and maybe went a bit too far.

 Otherwise, I’m pretty happy with game especially the Superstar mode. Playing the game from the perspective of one player was a bit more enjoyable than I think I could have imagined. It really changes the game in that you start to really get upset with your coach and other players. If your QB throws a int, you feel far less responsible than playing the traditional way where you pretty much control whoever has the ball. When the coach is calling pass plays when he should be giving me the rock to get the job done on the ground, it kind of gives you that feeling that maybe you are unappreciated or being overlooked. 

 I did manage to become a hall of fame lock in 2 seasons and pretty much destroy all single season rushing records that might have existed. But somehow, we still couldn’t manage to win a super bowl since Lovey seemed quite intent on continuing to pass with Grossmann. Ironic ? Kind of reminds me of last year when the Bears went to the Super Bowl and Lovey decided we were going to try and win by passing against one of the best teams against the pass, instead of running on them since they were one of the worst teams against the rush,teams against the pass. 

 Ok.. I got off point, and I still have some issues with Lovey over last years horribly coached Super Bowl where we featured our weaknesses for some unknown reason.

 Ok.. back on point… Online I played oh.. about 5 games and my opponents quit on me all 5 times.  That was enough to have me pretty much decide on not wasting anymore time online. Somehow I didn’t even get rewarded with wins, it seems that somehow they can quit and I don’t get a win.  I think if I am up 21-0 in the first quarter and someone disconnects or quits…. I should be taking in a win, not just ranking points. By the way I’m not really a powerhouse, and I’ll have to admit that turnovers are what put me in a good position in all of these games. So, I guess I can see where maybe they were quitting because they felt cheated by the mass turnovers in the game.

I’m sure my opinion will change some in the coming weeks as I play more, but for now I’m really enjoying the game more than in the past few years.