Kevin Smith – a heckler’s worst nightmare

August 29, 2007

This is about as funny as it gets. Kevin Smith puts on a clinic at Comic-Con about how to handle a heckler, and I’m sure this guy spent the rest of the day getting laughed at by people dressed up in Klingon outfits and such.

Reincarnation Station – What are you coming back as ?

May 26, 2007

What are you coming back as ? Take this test to find out – Reincarnation Station 

I got this link from my favorite video blogger – grams1944

You just take a quick test and it determines what you will come back as in your next life. I am coming back as a dog, so I’m not sure what that means, but I think I’m ok with it. I guess it depends on what kind of dog though, I don’t think I’d want to be someone’s lap dog… They really should tell me what breed, dog is just too general. I’m thinking A dog’s life can vary greatly based on breed.

This quiz actually made me think about the potenital scientific side of reincarnation. My theory – Our brains are pretty much electrical, so when we die that electrical energy is released from the body and gets absorbed by something. It could be the wall, a bug, another person, whatever happens to be in the way. Someone touching or even being around an object with such energy on it might also absorb or detect some of that energy.

It would kind of explain why areas where people die tend to be seen as “haunted”. It’s common to hear people who claim to have seen ghosts note that they appear to be doing things they did when alive. Maybe it’s not a ghost, but you are experiencing someone elses thoughts/being via this electrical energy. Maybe deja-vu can be explained by this theory as well. You never know who’s energy you might have absorbed, so steer clear of places where people die… you just might pick up a part of them.

Grams1944 blocks people from watching videos unless they go to her page, trust me it’s worth the link… She’s kind of like the Church Lady, you’ll really enjoy her charm and wisdom on a variety of subjects each day — including cats that pee in the dryer.

Acknowldeged by Grams1944

January 9, 2007

NOTE — Click the on the video after the message comes up that you have to watch it on YouTube.

I am proud to say that I am now a Grams1944 subscriber and I can’t wait to get her viewpoints on the real issues. She actually calls out my YouTube screenname “Slabowski” and denies my request for a T-Shirt. She also mentions that her cat Mr. Pugsley passed away.

It seems like she focuses alot on normal everyday stuff and this YouTube virtual reality. I am going to try and get her to respond to questions about OUR world. I have requested her viewpoint on the saddamn hanging. I think with some coaxing, she could be 100 times more interesting than she is now.

Isn’t she kind of like a mix between Andy Dick and The Church Lady (Dana Carvey)?

YouTube – Defending VioletKitty411

January 9, 2007

NOTE — Some of these videos no longer exist, I apologize for this.  Trust me, they are all crazy.

I think I might have stumbled upon a very disturbing side of the YouTube craze. In my short excursion on YouTube today I discovered a number of people that I am now begging someone to tell me are just acting. In some way or another all these people are connected through their profiles. You know what they say, Bird of a feather…

In case you have never had a chance to really explore the outbacks of YouTube, I will bring you one of the highlights of my trip in this one post :

Main character — VioletKitty411

From what I can gather she has been cyberstalked by somebody under numerous screennames mostly relating to balls of different sizes.

Enter ThrasherAleX — Replies to the above video to defend her honor. I contend that he might actually be scarier than the balls guy, and I really don’t think it takes too much to put a shirt on before making your video.

Enter Grams44 — She shares her wisdom on the subject and expresses her support in this situation.

Enter Grimli — Comes to defend her from his couch while smoking a pipe. REALLY!!! He offers his support and encourages the balls dude to come after him. Oh yeah, he called him “lame” too.

UpDownMostly steps to the plate — Clearly the intellectual of the group. The wall behind him makes me think that he could capable of making bombs.

mcguck is next — he brings a religious flavor to the discussion, encouraging prayer for both victim and stalker.

Wheels105 — Appears to be a stutterer/twitcher. “Either leave her alone or pay for the consequences… jerk”

Vipor231 — Turn the friggin lights on guy!!! I’m sure they are off to ensure that no one can determine where he is or maybe it’s just easier than cleaning up.

TheProphetofMayhem — Voices his opinion that VioletKitty411 should seek out a shrink.

I still can’t get past how odd it sounds when they call each other by their screennames.

YouTube is grandma’s best friend

January 8, 2007

This is about as odd as it gets. I somehow became transfixed on this video on YouTube as I was trying to convince myself that it was a joke. But about 4 minutes in I began to realize that even though this lady kind of looks like Andy Dick, she’s definitely for real. There’s no cats in there, so YouTube might be a viable replacement for cats in an old person’s life.

I guess she’s just gotten her 21st subscriber and decided to give shout outs to all the subscribers that go her there. Is it just me or is it odd to hear a grandma giving a shout out to OhShutUP. I’m proud to say that I believe I am subscriber #22, but I’ll have to confirm that with Grams. She’s got a whole slew of videos “similar” to this one.

This video gave me a sudden urge to convince grandma that I think she needs to add some more flavor to her broadcasts. I’m going to pitch myself as a producer, I’ll let you know how that goes.

I’ll post my shout out if she gives me props.


It appears that even YouTube cannot replace the cat, sorry for jumping the gun! I also confirmed that I am indeed #22 and unfortunately Mr. Pugsley has passed away…